The CAP is embedded in a dissertation project at the University of Salzburg, Department of Educational Science. The objectives of this project are pursued and realized on two different levels. On the one hand, the design thinking process is about producing recommendations for "Good European Citizenship Education", which should serve decision makers in politics, but also teachers as a reference point in the conception of European Citizenship Education. From a research perspective, this design thinking process is used as a data collection method for data analysis, which is carried out directly by the students themselves and with scientific support within the framework of Participatory Action Research. The students already participate in the process as valuable experts within the Design Thinking methodology and subsequently become active as co-researchers in the analysis as well as the interpretation of the collected data. The overarching idea: through active participation of students in the data production and research process, an additional and increased level of understanding is possible. This participatory and action-oriented strategy also guarantees that the students are not regarded as mere research objects and acquire skills in the production and analysis process that they can use competently and purposefully in a wide variety of situations in their further life. The results of the students in the analysis process will be further contextualized scientifically and put in perspective with EU citizenship policy and European Citizenship Research. In this regard, a potential scientific gap between the reality of the students' lives and European Citizenship Education Policy can be filled. We look forward to working with students and accompanying their first steps in the world of research.